New Power Plant Building Needed Massive Opening Quickly


A power plant serving 1.2 million customers needed a massive door to help house new equipment.


The power plant was bringing in new equipment related to refueling the reactor. They had constructed a building and needed an opening to be 40 feet wide and 30 feet tall to accommodate the machinery. The power plant needed the door to secure the building, but they weren’t having success finding someone to engineer it. They also needed the door to be installed in only two weeks.


DH Pace sourced an option for a rolling steel door and an operator. The heavy-duty overhead door was exactly what the power plant needed to enclose the industrial building. Due to the sensitive nature of the operations, the power plant required four days of training and background checks for the installation technicians. DH Pace engineered the door, issued the shop drawings and had the door manufactured to meet the customer’s requirements. The components shipped directly to the job site where it went through rigorous inspection to be allowed into the protected area. Once through training, the four-person installation team had the massive door and operator installed in three days.


As one of the largest doors the Company has installed, the project went off without a hitch. The door and operator were produced and installed in only two weeks’ time and the new refueling technology was secured appropriately.