Corporate Financial Office Increases Building Security with New Doors


A multinational banking and financial services holding company required security upgrades for employees entering and exiting their offices.


The bank’s offices take up over 20 floors of a heavily-trafficked, high-rise building in a downtown area. A security desk is positioned in the main lobby of the building; however, there is no security coverage to the two banks of elevators. To best track permitted access, the bank wanted to enclose the elevator towers with automatic revolving doors outfitted for electronic access control.


The bank elected to partner with DH Pace because of the ability to both procure the building materials and install them. The full project scope included providing and installing the following items: security revolving doors for the front lobby, aluminum storefront materials, aluminum swing doors, automatic openers, cladding and related hardware. Additionally, the Company recommended adding transoms above the door structures to better enclose the opening and mitigate mechanical loss. This addition allows for better energy efficiency as it compartmentalizes the air between the elevator towers and the main lobby.


The bank’s security upgrades requires employees to card in or out before they can reach the elevator towers to different office floors. Their offices are more secure and they can locate corporate officers and employees on-site as needed. Because of the success of this project, the bank selected to work with DH Pace exclusively for their door needs across all of their locations.


“Our partnership with DH Pace meant a great deal to our projects. It allowed me to focus on other areas of the project since we had increased levels of trust and assurance the implementation was being done efficiently, in a timely manner with a professional crew. It has been a valued experience from Senior Leadership, down to the installation crew and service team. When challenges presented themselves, DH Pace stepped up to the plate to handle the situation promptly. I will continue to partner with DH Pace whenever possible on future projects.“ – Chad, Senior Project Manager