Award-Winning Brewery Upgrades Facility


An award-winning brewery was moving from off-site warehousing to a new manufacturing and distribution center.


In the early 2000s, the craft brewery expanded to an old dairy processing plant, added brewing equipment and called the place home. A decade later, they realized that their continued success meant they would outgrow the facility’s space soon and began to look for land for a new location. At the time, the warehouse and distribution operations were not on-site and the ownership wanted enough space to accommodate all the brewery’s operations in one location.

The brewery found land nearby and began constructing their facility. After evaluating their existing equipment, the brewery realized their equipment was not sufficient for their needs; it constantly needed service and it was under capacity.


Out of concern for the safety of the brewery’s operations, DH Pace evaluated the new facility’s loading dock operation and recommended air-powered dock levelers. The dock levelers were of the appropriate capacity and they contained minimal moving parts, which was ideal for long-term ownership. The Company also provided dock seals to help seal the warehouse environment during loading and unloading their captive fleet trucks. The brewery also invested in flexible dock shelters to accommodate trucks and trailers with liftgates.

Initially, the brewery planned to install docks at every dock position in their new facility, however budgetary constraints required rethinking the original plan. The Pace team made recommendations based on long-term cost efficiency. They advised to form all of the docks during construction and then install equipment at every other position for the time being. This approach was ideal because it saved resources on the project and prepared the facility for operating additional docks as they become necessary.


DH Pace helped the brewery select the right equipment to provide a safe and reliable dock environment for their employees at their new manufacturing and distribution facility.